Bitcoin Payments

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new kind of money and a currency without borders. It is the world’s first and premier crypto-currency.
It does not require a bank account, has very low transaction fees and rapid international transaction times, making it perfect for online shopping. Its resistance to fraud and low fees mean it is much cheaper for us than other payment processors, and we pass this on to you in the form of a large discount for bitcoin payments.
We believe Bitcoin’s technology will revolutionize not only the world of internet payments but — perhaps more importantly — money as we know it. Because of Bitcoin’s decentralized and open nature, it has the potential to provide a level financial playing-field for all.

About Spendabit

Bitcoin logo with Spendabit
Spendabit is the world’s first “Bitcoin Product Search Engine.” They help you find things you can buy with Bitcoin.

Spendabit aggregates products from both large, established Bitcoin-enabled vendors like, and FastTech — as well as an enormous number of smaller merchants.

See Spendabit’s Bitcoin FAQ to learn more about bitcoin.

Where can I buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be bought from a large number of places in person and online. what we’ve found easiest in the past.