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This item includes 100 individually packaged multi-substance testing packs. They are ready-to-distribute and require no special expertise by the organisation distributing them.

These contain 3 reagents each, this gives a number of significant advantages over distributing a single reagent:

  • Some chemicals have colour changes which can’t be distinguished by the human eye. When a second, and third reagent is used, the chance for two chemicals to have the same reaction for everything drops to almost zero.
  • Sometimes users of the tests will mess it up the first time.
    • We include very carefully written instructions but it’s natural for people to skip them and try to use the tests as they think they should be used, sometimes ruining the test. Having multiple reagents covers for this.
  • Multiple reagents increases the range of drugs that can be tested with a single package. This eliminates the need for SU staff to remember slight differences between products (without oversimplifying to pretend that a single reagent is appropriate for each drug).
  • Savvy users (generally more experienced ones) quickly realise that they can use the third reagent to test another sample to reduce the need to visit and collect a new pack.

The packs will include

  • A 10 x 10 cm white box with the label “multi-substance detection kit”.
  • 3 reagent tests (Marquis, froehde and Liebermann)
    • Each in an individually sealed bag, with appropriate labelling.
  • A leaflet showing the colour changes with common substances
  • A leaflet with detailed, plain English instructions.
    • This leaflet will also lead to our website for students to purchase more extensive and multi-use kits.
    • Also, mention of the fact that Reagent Tests UK will provide detailed technical support rather than them needing to come to you.
  • A leaflet with safety information

Additional points:

  • We’ve calculated that the shelf life is at least 2 months when refrigerated, and about 1 month outside the fridge
  • The tests will distinguish between ketamine, cocaine, MDMA, and a wide range of common adulterants of these
  • The tests cannot be used on samples of LSD or cannabis. We sell separate tests for LSD (and could do a pack for this, however we find it’s less popular)
  • The tests are fully legal in the UK as they use a solid formulation.
    • No EPP licence is needed and they don’t violate the offensive weapons act governing sale of corrosives (as is the case with liquid tests).

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