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We will send you a selection of reagents which have been returned to us due to damage during shipping, defects or simply being unwanted. The shelf life will be significantly reduced compared to normal. We are not able to accept returns, and some of the bottles may already be out of shelf life.

You should test the reagents with aspirin or paracetamol when they arrive to confirm if they are still working.

You can write in the notes if there is one specific reagent you would like, if we have any left then we will include that one in your order.

Expected shelf lives will vary depending on the time spent in postal centres and the temperatures there. As a guideline:

Froehde: 1 year
Marquis: 6 months
Mecke: 4 months
Mandelin: 5 months
Liebermann: 9 months
Ehrlich: 12 months

Shelf life is also affected by how often reagents are opened, the temperature you store them at, the humidity when bottles are opened and other factors.
Make sure you keep track of which lid belongs on which reagent.