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do i need to keep the reagents in the fridge 12. July 2018

The best shelf life is achieved in the fridge but they will still last well over the festival season if you can just keep them in a dark, cool, dry place.


Why would anyone add fentanyl to MDMA or LSD? Wouldn’t it deminish the effects of those substances? 10. July 2018

It is thought that most fentanyl incidents with “party” drugs are a result of accidental contamination due to careless suppliers. This is rare in the UK and fentanyl incidents are mostly limited to opioid drugs but we should never be complacent.

How do reagent tests react to the 2C-x drugs other than 2C-B ? 5. July 2018

The frustrating answer (sorry!) is “it depends”. Both on exactly which reagent is used and which substance it turns out to be. The liebermann reagent tends to be good for distinguishing similar substances but if you’re not sure you can always email us.

Instead of throwing them away, I’d like to reuse the empty bottles. Are they safe to use for skincare products when empty and rinsed out? Would soaking them in vinegar help make sure? 23. June 2018

Great question! It always makes us happy to reduce, reuse and recycle rather than landfill. Let the bottles soak in 100mL tap water per bottle (a bucket is fine for all the bottles) for 24 hours, then soak them in a mug of sodium bicarbonate in water for 6 hours and they’ll be safe.

Will the testing kit fit through a letterbox if I’m not in? 16. June 2018

Yes, the packs are 25mm wide so fit through any letterbox. They are plain with no markings except the address and stamp.

Why does cocaine sometimes go pink with the marquis reagent? 11. June 2018

This is believed to be the result of small amounts of a breakdown product created when cocaine is stored (perhaps when smuggled) with moisture present. No international checking organisation has identified the exact cause.

Are the bottles supposed to be about 40% filled? 2. June 2018

Yes, every bottle contains at least 2mL as stated when purchased. We use 5mL bottles as they are stronger and release the liquid more evenly.

Can you use to test for a fent cut in Heroin? 6. May 2018

Yes, a fentanyl testing strip can test for the presence of fentanyl added to heroin or any other drug.

How long do kits last without a fridge? 11. March 2018

Depending on storage conditions (high temperature), how often they are opened (high moisture) we would expect them to last for 50-75% of their normal shelf life. The froehde reagent is most resistant to higher temperatures


What test could I use to distinguish between MDMA and MDA/MDE? 6. March 2018

The liebermann reagent can do this but MDA is very rare on european markets

When testing with multiple reagents for PMA and PMMA if there is even a small amount of MDMA in the sample will the black/purple colour that presents for MDMA over ride the paler colours or is the colour quantitative? 6. March 2018

The colour is quantitative, but you are correct to note that PMxA has a paler colour so a 50/50 mix perfectly mixed with MDMA would probably be hard to detect. However, if it was a mix of two types of crystal then you can often see the difference between that and a pure sample.

How do you dispose of old test kits? 3. March 2018

While wearing gloves and eye protection, start the cold tap running gently and then remove the lid of the reagent bottle and upturn it so that the contents drip into the flowing water. As soon as they are diluted, the risks are very low but it is not safe to drink or wash in the water.

Can I fly with a test kit? Has anyone run into issues at airport security/airlines? 24. January 2018

You would have to check the regulations of your airline but if you do, it is best to put them in checked luggage and make sure that they are double bagged as they will damage your luggage if they leak (due to the reduced pressure in the hold).

which test kit is used for ketamine? 23. August 2017

Ketamine itself doesn’t give a colour change with any reagents but cutting agents do – the cocaine testing multipack is actually most suitable for this as some preservatives in vetinary ketamine give a faint orange reaction with the mandelin reagent and a faint yellow with liebermann, which is a helpful identification hint.

What happens if a sample contains multiple drugs? 14. August 2017

It will produce a mixture of the colours – a lot like mixing two colours of paint. If you have a powder or crystalline substance with two different looking types of crystal, try to separate them and test them individually.

Hi, how it will show the purchase on my bank state account? 25. May 2017

The statement note is discreet and cannot be linked to us through google or other search engines (and we’re not going to post it here for exactly that reason!)

Do these come with pipettes? 18. January 2017

The bottles have a built in dropping system so do not need pipettes

Can I send you a photo of my test result for clarification? 30. August 2016

Definitely! We love talking about testing, please email admin at reagent-tests.uk.

Are reagent tests legal? 1. June 2016

We are not aware of any countries in which reagent tests are illegal. The reagents are used in laboratories for testing other common compounds so banning them would be impractical.

How do you test LSD which is already on a blotter tab? 25. April 2016

The ehrlich reagent can be applied directly to blotter.

Other reagents need the blotter to be submerged in alcohol (rubbing alcohol works fine) first.

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