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I’m looking at test reagents, primarily for MDMA and psychedelics. Looking at your instructions and searching for likely adulterants it looks to me like the best minimal kit would be Marquis and Liebermann, but most resources online suggest combining Marquis with a different secondary, is there a reason for this? 14. December 2017

The froehde reagent has a longer shelf life than the liebermann reagent (and marquis actually). We would argue that the ehrlich reagent is completely essential if you are working with anything on blotter. What’s most important is that they detect the adulterants that you are expecting.

I have tested my MDMA with marquis, froehde and mecke and all three just turn black instantly. Is this a reliable result? Is the statement blue> purple> black statement supposed to be understood as more blue than purple and more purple than black or does it mean from black to purple to blue? 14. December 2017

The “Blue > Purple > Black” bit indicates that the sample will start blue then change to purple, then black. For pure samples or large amounts, this colour change can happen extremely quickly and it looks like it just turns black straight away. Try running the test with 1/5th of the amount in the future, it really takes a tiny amount when testing crystals. Sorry that the arrows are unclear, we had never thought about it that way.

On your page it says order complete but I still haven’t received what I purchased. 8. December 2017

The “order complete” message indicates that we  have finished processing the order and it has sent, it should be with you within the time stated in your delivery option.

Can mdma be adulterated with fentanyl or similar opiod? 26. November 2017

In theory, anything could be cut with anything. We haven’t seen crystal MDMA cut with fentanyl in the UK yet but it has been happening in North America.

What would be the best way to test DMT? 23. November 2017

DMT is challenging because it’s a plant product which tends to mean that there are other compounds present. The ehrlich reagent will alert you if there is no DMT present (DMT turns ehrlich purple) and then it would be wise to just follow up with others to give further information. Marquis goes yellow > brown, froehde goes yellow.

I received “fentanyl” test strips, and there isn’t a single thing on the test strip that suggests they will find fentanyl. 21. November 2017

Our strips have been verified to detect fentanyl, acetylfentanyl, furanyl fentanyl and 4-FiBF. Dissolve your compound in 1mL of water and dip in the strip according to the instructions on the pack. If these compounds are present they will be detected.

Of course, if you are unhappy with your purchase we also offer a no hassle returns policy, just get in touch by email :)

Hello. I live in Russia and want to buy on your site. I have problems with paying through a visa card, I ask you to help me with this. Answer my email ****.ru 16. November 2017

Hi there, that email doesn’t seem to be working, please send us an email to admin [at] reagent [dash] tests.uk

what does next day delivery meen 14. November 2017

Our Next Working Day service means that orders placed before 3pm Monday-Thursday will be delivered in under 24 hours, on the “next working day”.

For the benefit of everybody like me, what exactly are all the chemicals we should avoid taking if they appear in our drugs. I’m concerned I’ll buy a pack and there’s no explanation which colours suggest we need to get rid of the stuff. 1. November 2017

All drugs are dangerous, so of course the safest thing to do is avoid all of them. However, if you have bought a drug and plan to take it, then we’re past that point and trying to make it safer. Essentially, if you get any reaction which you don’t expect, you should discard the sample. If the person who sold it to you lied about or worse, didn’t know what it contains, can you trust them in the slightest to be responsible for your health? No!

What does “order processing” mean? 14. October 2017

We have received your order and will dispatch it in the next few days.

There seems to be little to differentiate between MDMA & MDA – what do you suggest? 15. September 2017

The liebermann reagent is able to do this, but bear in mind that MDA is extremely rare on the European market.

which test kit is used for ketamine? 23. August 2017

Ketamine itself doesn’t give a colour change with any reagents but cutting agents do – the cocaine testing multipack is actually most suitable for this as some preservatives in vetinary ketamine give a faint orange reaction with the mandelin reagent and a faint yellow with liebermann, which is a helpful identification hint.

What happens if a sample contains multiple drugs? 14. August 2017

It will produce a mixture of the colours – a lot like mixing two colours of paint. If you have a powder or crystalline substance with two different looking types of crystal, try to separate them and test them individually.

Can you take reagent tests kits on a plane? 9. August 2017

The kits are not illegal but this will depend on your individual airline. You should make sure they are transported inside their individual bags and stored upright because the low pressure on a plane can make them leak a tiny bit.

How discrete is the packaging? 16. June 2017

It’s a plain white box with your address and a stamp, no signature required and fits through any letterbox over 25mm.

Hi, how it will show the purchase on my bank state account? 25. May 2017

The statement note is discreet and cannot be linked to us through google or other search engines (and we’re not going to post it here for exactly that reason!)

In the MDMA kits, do you need to test the pill or powder with all three Reagents? Or can can you use different ones for different times 24. January 2017

It is strongly recommended to use more than one different reagent per sample as it gives the best chance of detecting something unexpected.

For example, a cocaine sample cut with paracetamol would show no reaction with the marquis reagent, but an obvious green result with mandelin.

Do these come with pipettes? 18. January 2017

The bottles have a built in dropping system so do not need pipettes

Can I send you a photo of my test result for clarification? 30. August 2016

Definitely! We love talking about testing, please email admin at reagent-tests.uk.

Is there any value in observing what happens after 30-60 seconds? 22. June 2016

The ehrlich reagent may be slow enough to need observing over 2 minutes but none of the other reagents are – 60 secs is plenty.

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