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Will Reagent Tests UK show up on the bank transaction as the merchant? 1. August 2021

R Tests UK

how can I safely dispose of excess/expired reagents? 1. August 2021

Wear gloves. Submerge the open bottle in a bucket of cold water and allow to sit for 5 minutes. While still under water, empty the bottle. Pour the water down the drain.

Will the tests work if there are multiple different substances in the sample? 30. July 2021

It depends; on the nature and quantity of the adulterant and of the expected substance. Visually inspecting the substance and testing distinct particles separately can give a huge edge in these situations and the takeaway message is that reagents are often still extremely useful for mixtures.

However, these are are mostly hypothetical situations because the VAST majority of misselling in the UK since 2010 has taken the form of impostor substances being substituted completely for the expected substance. If a supplier can get MDMA then it’s cheap enough and competition is strong enough that they would not add psychoactive adulterants, which are comparatively expensive to inactive bulking agents.

The other critical precaution is to remember that all drugs are dangerous, including pure MDMA. The only “safe” way to use drugs is to not consume any at all. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that you use other harm reduction measures in addition to reagent testing, such as starting with a smaller-than-normal test dose, weighing your dosages accurately, not mixing with other drugs… etc, etc.

Are you able to stock the hoffman reagent? 27. July 2021

Please email us. We aren’t planning to add it to our off the shelf products, for a range of reasons.

How can I contact you? 24. May 2021

Please reply to the last email we sent you. Alternatively, email askme@reagent-tests.uk. Check the “Terms” page for our phone number.

Are the reagents legal? Apparently they can be a explosive precursor. 22. April 2021

The products are compliant with the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 and the Poisons Act 1972, indeed the concentration of sulfuric acid is well within the allowable thresholds in law, so no licence is required. The tests cannot be used to make explosives.

How long do they last when stored in the fridge? 16. April 2021

About 12 months, if the lid is properly secured. Anything that prevents an airtight seal will rapidly accelerate degradation.

How do I know whether the kits have passed their shelf life? 19. August 2020

See if they respond to aspirin or another substance which you know the identity of. We recommend replacing them after 12 months to be sure that they will work when you need them.

Do the kits go off outside the fridge? I plan to carry them in my luggage while I go travelling across europe. 6. January 2020

The shelf life varies for each one and even then it’s affected by humidity, temperature and oxygen exposure. Our 18*C tests reveal

  • Froehde – over 18 months,
  • Ehrlich – around 1 year,
  • Liebermann – just under 1 year,
  • Marquis – 6-9 months,
  • Mecke – 5-7 months,
  • Mandelin – 5-7 months,

Is packaging discrete? 8. January 2019

It’s a thin box with nothing but your name and address on it.

What happens if a sample contains multiple drugs? 14. August 2017

It will produce a mixture of the colours – a lot like mixing two colours of paint. If you have a powder or crystalline substance with two different looking types of crystal, try to separate them and test them individually.

Can I send you a photo of my test result for clarification? 30. August 2016

Definitely! We love talking about testing, please email admin at reagent-tests.uk.