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I’ve read somewhere that some many reagents are now illegal due to the offensive weapons act. Are all your reagents still legal to purchase? 17. August 2019

Reagents are fully legal to buy and own. If you want to carry them in public you need “good reason or lawful authority”. The specifics of reagent tests being very small amount in a bottle with a fixed flow restrictor and a very clear “good reason” clearly aren’t intended to be covered by the law. If someone uses reagents as weapons then they will do minor damage but will go to jail and we would support that as reagents are solely for use for reducing harm.

Can you ship this product to the US? 15. August 2019

Please email us for special postage or order requests, we are always happy to help.

I can’t take the reagents in their glass bottles to my festival, will they be ok in plastic containers? 15. August 2019

Confiscation is rare but we will replace any reagents that get confiscated: https://www.reagent-tests.uk/product/glass-confiscation-insurance-festival-security/

Plastic is OK for short term but it’s necessary to be careful of moisture and oxygen exposure. 1.5mL eppendorf tubes (ebay £4 for 20) are suitable to put a two drops into and then seal up for later use.

What should I look out for to avoid when testing a Pill of MD? 14. August 2019

Any reaction which is not expected for MDMA would indicate that there is something else present. If something else is present then either your dealer is a liar, or they don’t know what they are selling. Both situations are very bad for your health. Send us a photo of your test result if you aren’t sure.

When out of date does it just stay clear when substance added 7. August 2019

Yes, there is no colour change when the reagent has expired.

What’s the shelf life like for the reagants? How long can i expect them to last before having to buy another kit once opened? 7. August 2019

About 12 months if they are stored upright in the fridge. More information is available on the page for each specific reagent. Froehde lasts almost 24 months. Moisture, light, oxygen exposure and temperature all affect the shelf life.

What kit is best to test ketamine? 1. August 2019

The Liebermann reagent is the only one that gives a truly consistent reaction with ketamine but it is a faint yellow. The mandelin reagent usually goes orange with ketamine, sometimes it does not change though. The marquis reagent gives no colour change with ketamine but does react with some impostor substances like 3-MeO-PCP.

The cocaine testing multipack we offer contains all three of these.

Which reagents can test for the presence of Caffeine? 30. July 2019

None of the reagents are good at detecting caffeine.

However, if you are comfortable using acetone and a coffee filter then you can easily remove caffeine from most substances, as caffeine dissolves in acetone but most other drugs do not.

I have mdma for about 3 years kept in dark place. Colour seems ok would it be safe to take. I also I want to test it to make sure it’s ok. What testing kits would be good 30. July 2019

MDMA is a very stable molecule and does not become more or less dangerous when it is stored.

To check whether it could be switched with another compound you would want to use the MDMA testing multipack that we offer.

How do I know if the bottles are inaccurate/out of date? 28. July 2019

You can test your reagents using common drugs like paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin. Check out the reaction results & instructions page for more information.

can you test for GHB with any of the reagents? 25. July 2019

No, the reagents are not compatible with liquids.

i have 3 reagents to test for cocaine, which should be used first, and should all be used? 11. July 2019

The order doesn’t matter, just make sure you are working with a clean surface for each test. You can do them all on the same plate if there is enough space to do them separately.

We always recommend using all reagents because this gives the best chance of detecting something untoward.

What happens if I switch lids on the different test kits? Will contamination of one to the other effect my results? 20. June 2019

Yes, cross contamination can impact the functionality of the reagent. Usually a one-off lid switch causes very little cross contamination and isn’t an issue but you should be careful to avoid this.

Can i take this on the plane? 3. June 2019

You would have to check the regulations of your airline but if you do, it is best to put them in checked luggage and make sure that the lid is on tightly and they are individually bagged as they will damage your luggage if they leak (due to the reduced pressure in the hold). They can be safely transported individually bagged in hand luggage with your other liquids, again airline regulations permitting.

Have noticed after a few months a discolouration occurring with the test liquids. 1. June 2019

Reagents are reactive enough that they slowly react with their surroundings including oxygen, humidity, the dropper system in the bottle and even spontaneously with themselves in some cases. This is the reason that they have a shelf life of 1 year. During this time they will discolour slowly but they will still function as normal. Keeping the lid on securely limits the amount of oxygen and humidity that can get in, and refrigerating slows these reactions down.

How would you test 1P-LSD? And what should I expect when testing? 28. May 2019

The LSD-like part of 1P-LSD is prevented from reacting with the ehrlich reagent (which is used for LSD) and this causes the reaction to purple to be very slow. This makes it hard to conclusively test. We recommend ehrlich to check for other LSD-analogues being used instead of 1P-LSD and the froehde and marquis reagent to look for non-LSD-like psychedelics being added to the blotter.

LSD analogues have similar safety profiles but strong reactions with marquis or froehde are big warning alarms.

Note that microdosing solutions must be dried to a residue prior to testing.

Where is my package 10. May 2019

Please email us for questions about specific orders.

why do I need to use all 3 -marquirs, forehde and mecke for MDMA testing and not just marquirs on it’s own? 6. May 2019

A single reagent may not detect all compounds, or may give the same colour for two different substances. Different reagents react differently, so increase the chance of detecting when something is amiss.


How will an order show up on my bank statement? 13. April 2019

An abbreviation of the company name. No product details.

When do the reagents expire out of the fridge. 18. March 2019

It depends on temperature, light exposure and frequency of use (this impacts how much oxygen gets in and how much moisture gets in. The moisture that gets in is affected by the humidity when the bottle is opened) so there’s no one exact answer but the reagents will still last many months. If they are kept refrigerated and cared for well, they last 11-24 months. If they are kept out of the fridge then they last 6-18 months (depending on the reagent).

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