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Does your precision weighing scale requires calibration? If yes, what weight? 17. August 2017

The scales are pre-calibrated but come with a 20g weight. You can hold down the “mode” button to select calibration, then press again, wait and add the 20g weight. This will reset the balance if it has become inaccurate.

What happens if a sample contains multiple drugs? 14. August 2017

It will produce a mixture of the colours – a lot like mixing two colours of paint. If you have a powder or crystalline substance with two different looking types of crystal, try to separate them and test them individually.

Can you take reagent tests kits on a plane? 9. August 2017

The kits are not illegal but this will depend on your individual airline. You should make sure they are transported inside their individual bags and stored upright because the low pressure on a plane can make them leak a tiny bit.

Would you reccommend using the fentanyl test strip to check MDMA samples (along with the MDMA test kit), or is it unlikely to be be found in MDMA sold in the UK? 11. July 2017

As far as we are aware fentanyl has not been found in any samples of MDMA in the UK. That does not tell us anything about how many samples could contain it in the future though so we can’t make a recommendation about this as such. It still seems the greatest risk for people who use MDMA is taking too much MDMA or a more typical adulterant/mis-selling.

If MDMA also contains PMA, which colour would show? 1. July 2017

This depends completely on the reagent you are using, and is the reason that we insist more than one reagent must be used on a sample. The marquis reagent alone would have a 0% chance of warning you about this. Please email us for more details.

What substances other than fentanyl and/or fentanyl analogues will your product “Fentanyl Test Strips” detect? 26. June 2017

The fentanyl strips are only for detecting fentanyl at this time.

How discrete is the packaging? 16. June 2017

It’s a plain white box with your address and a stamp, no signature required and fits through any letterbox over 25mm.

My reagents just completed one year since its first use and have been always kept in a sealed container. I tested with paracetamol, sugar and MDMA and it gave the results as per reference table. Can the reagents last for more then 12 months? 🙂 9. June 2017

What kills reagents is moisture, oxygen and heat – the more you can keep these away, the longer the reagents will keep. This means that in some circumstances they can happily last 18 months or so. Well done for checking!

can government or police see or be alerted to my order? 7. June 2017

No, we have never disclosed any records to the government or police and comply fully with the Data Protection Act as well as having very strong morals that your information should not be shared. If you want to be extra certain then you can encrypt your details using PGP encryption, which we decrypt, print, and then destroy the details for.

Hi, how it will show the purchase on my bank state account? 25. May 2017

The statement note is discreet and cannot be linked to us through google or other search engines (and we’re not going to post it here for exactly that reason!)

Would storing your reagents in the freezer prolong the shelf life if you use them very infrequently? 29. April 2017

We don’t recommend freezing because the reagents can freeze and precipitate (un-dissolve) parts of the mixture.

Froehde and ehrlich aren’t susceptible to this and colder temperatures will slow down the reactions that cause them to degrade. Ensure they are in a sealed bag and are allowed to warm fully to room temperature before opening the bag.

In the MDMA kits, do you need to test the pill or powder with all three Reagents? Or can can you use different ones for different times 24. January 2017

It is strongly recommended to use more than one different reagent per sample as it gives the best chance of detecting something unexpected.

For example, a cocaine sample cut with paracetamol would show no reaction with the marquis reagent, but an obvious green result with mandelin.

Do these come with pipettes? 18. January 2017

The bottles have a built in dropping system so do not need pipettes

Is it necessary to keep the bottles in the fridge? How will this affect the reliability / shelf life of the products? 15. January 2017

The reliability will be the same but the reagents won’t last quite as long. In our experience they will usually still get pretty close to a year but even at the best of times the shelf life varies so it’s hard to give a specific number. We find the froehde reagent lasts more than a year even when it is not refrigerated and the same for the ehrlich reagent – the reaction just takes a little longer.

If I am testing ecstasy, should I be expecting the colour associated to MDMA (blue > violet > black) or will it be a mixture of colours as ecstasy does not always directly mean pure mdma? 12. December 2016

In the modern “ecstasy” market a large majority of pills contain only MDMA. If you believe they contain something else then generally it is better to throw them away rather than try to guess how the extra components will affect the risk. Some people get around this issue by buying crystal MDMA which should never have other substances added.

If i buy a kit and don’t use it will it last longer than ~1 year? I mean is it vaccuum sealed or something? Or is shelf-life starting when i place my order? U are sweet guys/girls 🙂 Love 20. October 2016

Thank you for the kind comments 🙂 The less you open the reagents, the longer they will last. The froehde reagent lasts absolutely ages, often over a year, whereas the mecke and marquis reagents will only last a year even in an inert atmosphere because they spontaneously decay. If you want a long shelf-life selection I recommend froehde, mandelin and ehrlich but really for peace of mind I think it’s better to just spend the £15 annually.

Can I use the 3 different reagents on a single sample of MDMA by washing it after each test or do I need to keep using sample. 22. September 2016

The MDMA is destroyed by the test so you would need to use three crumbs for three tests. This is about 1/100th of a gram for all three

Can I send you a photo of my test result for clarification? 30. August 2016

Definitely! We love talking about testing, please email admin at reagent-tests.uk.

Is there any value in observing what happens after 30-60 seconds? 22. June 2016

The ehrlich reagent may be slow enough to need observing over 2 minutes but none of the other reagents are – 60 secs is plenty.

Are reagent tests legal? 1. June 2016

We are not aware of any countries in which reagent tests are illegal. The reagents are used in laboratories for testing other common compounds so banning them would be impractical.

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