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Hi! Do you still ship to France? When I try to place an order, it says “no shipping options”. Thanks! 27. March 2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak we have paused international shipping. We hope to offer this again soon.

What test to use for 2cb? 27. March 2020

The MDMA testing multipack is actually also really good for 2C-B

Can you test Valium 27. March 2020

Unfortunately not, this needs a lab test.

Which reagent for MDMA 20. March 2020

Our MDMA testing multipack is designed for use with MDMA

How should MDMA React with marquis 20. March 2020

Dark purple rapidly going to black – https://www.reagent-tests.uk/reagent-test-colours/

Is Ehrlich on its own sufficient to test LSD? 14. March 2020

It depends on what you mean by “sufficient”. Ehrlich can’t prove that there are no other chemcials present but the other reagents in the LSD testing multipack do have the potential to detect some of the major “problem compounds” that could be sold in place of LSD. Therefore we very strongly recommend using our LSD testing multipack. Ehrlich alone is certainly MUCH better than not testing at all.

your fentanyl test may not work the co. you get from usually test for the longest metabolite of the substance 12. March 2020

We have had the strips we use independently verified by a third party laboratory to confirm that they will detect fentanyl. Please email us if you are concerned

Do you do testing kits for ketamine 11. March 2020

The cocaine testing kit is great for ketamine. Even though it’s not in the name, all the reagents are ideal for it.

Hey can the precision scales weigh 10mg doses or is it only 20mg and above? 9. March 2020

No set of scales that has 3 decimal places (0.001g) should be used to weigh something of 0.010 g (10 mg). This is because the rounding error alone would be 10%. You can easily make a solution and use volumetric dosing though. (To answer the question, no, it’s not really scientifically acceptable to use the precision scales below 20 mg. If accuracy isn’t important then it’s passable.)

Does the package comes with material to perform the test? (like testing plate or recipient?) If not, what’s best to use for testing? 5. March 2020

We recommend using the underside of a plate or mug. HDPE (milk jug plastic) is also OK. Any non-reactive white surface is fine. Reagents can damage most other surfaces.

What are the reagent test results for 4-aco-dmt please? 2. March 2020

The ehrlich reagent is used to confirm an indole type molecule is present (reaction turns purple).

  • Mecke: Dark Green
  • Froehde: Green to black
  • Marquis: greenish going to brown

Similar tryptamines can be a bit hard to distinguish because structures are so similar but they also have very similar risks. The main concern is substitution with a totally different type of substance.

do you have discreet packaging? 1. March 2020

It’s a 25mm white box with nothing but your name and address on it.

Do you accept paypal? 26. February 2020

We can’t use paypal because they don’t think safety is important for people who use drugs.

How can I contact you? 22. February 2020

Please reply to the last email we sent you or email askme@reagent-tests.uk. Check the “Terms” page for phone number.

What kit is best to test ketamine? 19. February 2020

The Liebermann reagent is the only one that gives a truly consistent reaction with ketamine but it is a faint yellow. The mandelin reagent usually goes orange with ketamine, sometimes it does not change though. The marquis reagent gives no colour change with ketamine but does react with some impostor substances like 3-MeO-PCP.

The cocaine testing multipack we offer contains all three of these.

What reagent is useful to detect possible MDA in a sample of ‘MDMA’ or even detecting APB or a APDB? Thanks 6. January 2020

This is tricky, you would need to use both the robadope reagent and simon’s reagent, each of which is a two-part reagent. Unfortunately we don’t stock these because of the extreme rarity of MDA in europe, which means that it is more expensive and therefore never added to MDMA or sold as MDMA.

Do the kits go off outside the fridge? I plan to carry them in my luggage while I go travelling across europe. 6. January 2020

The shelf life varies for each one and even then it’s affected by humidity, temperature and oxygen exposure. Our 18*C tests reveal

  • Froehde – over 18 months,
  • Ehrlich – around 1 year,
  • Liebermann – just under 1 year,
  • Marquis – 6-9 months,
  • Mecke – 5-7 months,
  • Mandelin – 5-7 months,

How can I test for presence of speed with MDMA 26. December 2019

Our MDMA reagent testing kit can show the presence of amphetamine added to MDMA. Pick out visually different particles and test them separately to see a clear difference in the test results. Don’t forget to read the instructions – you only need a few specks of the drug.

Can I track my order? 26. November 2019

Please log in to your account or contact us if you did not make an account when you placed the order.

Are reagent tests illegal in the UK? 13. September 2019

You must have “good reason” to carry these tests in public. “I am on my way home from a party where I was helping people be safe” is an acceptable reason.

Testing kits are not illegal to own. If you ever get in trouble for them please contact us and we may be willing to contribute to legal fees for you.

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