Instructions for Using Reagent Tests

Reagent tests are very simple to use. You need a glazed ceramic surface (the bottom of a plate or mug is good), something to test and some water. You should always wear safety specs and gloves as the reagents will damage skin & eyes.
Scrape off an amount of powder half the size of a pin head from your pill or pile and place it on the surface. Hold the bottle over it upside down until one drop falls onto the powder. Never shake the bottle as you will waste drops and can flick onto surroundings – be patient!

Observe the colour change over ~60 seconds and ignore any results after 2 minutes. Rinse the test away immediately afterwards with plenty of water. Compare the colour change to a reference chart – we provide one with all orders as standard. You can also have a look at the wonderfully detailed guide about testing in a festival context by ANKORS.

The image below shows the expected colours from our reagents with a number of drugs. Positive reactions with the ehrlich reagent are all shades of purple.

You can check our blog for more obscure compounds. We also contribute to pages about reagents on wikipedia – there are a VAST number of resources online so do search or email us to see if we have results for your compound.

The ehrlich reagent will go purple or pink if it is exposed to an indole compound like LSD, an analogue of LSD or a tryptamine. No 0.5cm² blotter can fit an active dose of tryptamine onto it. NBOMe compounds and phenethylamines (like 2C-B) will not give a colour change with the ehrlich reagent.