Privacy policy


Like all websites, Reagent Tests UK uses cookies to better understand who is visiting the site, and to help us to figure out if we can make the resources we offer more helpful. For example, knowing which websites are linking to us allows us to drop in and say hi, and hopefully answer any questions that might be raised in discussion forums. We really enjoy engaging with our customers so this is important to us.

We use cookie services from:

These are fully compliant with EU law and do not record any personally identifiable information, such as your unique IP address. We do not use cookies from Facebook.  We do not share your cookies or browsing details to allow other organisations to target with adverts.

We do not use cookies to tell other sites what adverts they can display on our site. In fact, we’ve ditched adverts completely.

We also have some internally managed cookies. We use these:

  • To help us protect the site against would be hackers. These measure things like how many times someone tries to log in every minute.
  • To allow the site to see if you are logged in to your Reagent Tests UK account.
  • To remember your preferences on the site such as language settings.

Your right to privacy

Reagent Tests UK take privacy very seriously and have always permitted customers to pay using untraceable Monero, as well as keeping their address 100% encrypted and stored outside of our normal system. In addition to this, every customer has the right to request that their details are deleted from the system as soon as their order has been dispatched. You can email us to request this at any time.

We are so serious about privacy that we have never sent a single marketing email. Ever. We store customer details given to us for 6 years as required by HMRC to prove that we are paying the correct amount of tax but we will not have to share these details with HMRC unless we fall under investigation.

When you give us permission, we share payment details with:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe (Card payment processors)

We only share what is essential in order for us to process your order. Once your order has been processed we never share your details with anyone.