Ketamine & Cocaine Reagent Test Kit (40 uses)

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Cocaine is very regularly sold adulterated to increase profit margins due to its high cost of import. Distributors who are significantly diluting their cocaine may choose to add “active cutting agents” which have effects similar to cocaine in an attempt to disguise the fact that they are bulking their cocaine.

Cuts like methamphetamine, amphetamine and N-ethylpentylone are especially easy to identify with these reagents.

This is a problem because cutting agents tend to prevent sleep for longer, cause more paranoia and negative effects, and give a worse comedown. They are often also less enjoyable, leading people to try to take more to compensate, further exaggerating the unpleasant effects.

This multipack contains the mandelin, liebermann and marquis reagents. Together these are the most useful reagents for working with cocaine and detecting adulterants, with the liebermann reagent detecting the presence of cocaine and the mandelin and marquis reagents used to screen for adulterants. This multipack comes with a reaction guide covering some of the most common cuts for cocaine and the colour each one changes to with the reagents.

When testing ketamine, liebermann goes faint yellow, mandelin should darken slightly and marquis gives no colour change.

Please note that this uses matrix-bound test technology and is not a liquid. We no longer sell the old liquid test technology.

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