MDMA Reagent Test Kit (40 uses)

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This kit is ideal for testing MDMA. It comes with full instructions.

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Multi-use kit with enough for around 40 tests. Using more than one reagent on a sample is essential as no single reagent can detect everything.

This multipack is ideal for testing crystal MDMA and ecstasy tablets and is able to detect the presence of N‑ethylpentylone, MDA, MDMA, PMA and PMMA among other adulterants.

These reagents have a shelf life of 9-12 months when stored in the fridge. All our products are shipped in high quality glass bottles to reduce degradation from light, moisture and reactions with plastics which will shorten shelf lives. After removing from the fridge make sure you let the reagent warm up and dry off before opening the lid.

If you can’t store them in the fridge then keep them in a cool, dark place.

This pack consists of one bottle of each of the marquis, froehde and mecke reagents and a full set of instructions and guide to typical reactions.

Please note that this uses matrix-bound test technology and is not a liquid. We no longer sell the old liquid test technology.

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