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Fentanyl is an extremely potent opioid drug sometimes sold in place of benzodiazepines, heroin and other opioids. It can be pressed into tablets or sold as a powder and in its undiluted form a fatal dose is smaller than a grain of sand.

Recently there have been cases in North America and Amsterdam where fentanyl has been cut into a wide variety of drugs and for this reason we felt we needed to offer a test for it.

The single-use strips used by dissolving 5 mg of powder (size of a match-head) into a teaspoon (2.5 mL) of water and submerging the test strip. The test will detect any amount of fentanyl which could have an effect.

This contains two single-use strips. Detects fentanyl at concentrations over 0.1 μg/mL. The test is not intended to detect fentanyl in urine but is able to do this.

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