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Fentanyl is an extremely potent opioid drug sometimes sold in place of benzodiazepines, heroin and other opioids. It can be pressed into tablets or sold as a powder and in its undiluted form a fatal dose is smaller than a grain of sand.

Recently there have been cases in North America and Amsterdam where fentanyl has been cut into a wide variety of drugs and for this reason we felt we needed to offer a test for it.

The single-use strips are used by dissolving 5 mg of powder (size of a match-head) into a teaspoon (2.5 mL) of water and submerging the test strip. The test will detect any amount of fentanyl which could have an effect. For powders which may not be evenly mixed, dissolve the whole sample into 10mL of water and perform the same test. You can recover the sample by evaporation.

This contains two single-use strips. Detects fentanyl at concentrations over 0.01 μg/mL. The test is not intended to detect fentanyl in urine but is able to do this.

Although fentanyl is the biggest concern in the UK market we currently do not know whether these tests can detect analogues of fentanyl. As with all harm reduction techniques, testing does not guarantee safety – even pure heroin, MDMA, cocaine etc can be fatal. Always start with a test dose.

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