Marquis Reagent Test (40 tests)

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Our single reagents are intended for experienced testers who are complementing reagents they already own.

Testing with only one reagent allows a high chance of two substances giving a similar result.

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The marquis reagent is the most popular single reagent test, used to identify a wide range of compounds. It is strongly suggested that more than one reagent is used to test a sample, to reduce the risk of confusion between compounds with similar reactions or compounds which have no colour change with a given reagent. For example the marquis reagent does not detect PMA or PMMA – you should use the froehde or liebermann reagents to cross-check unexpected results.

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This contains enough for approximately 40 tests and includes reaction result guide and instructions.

The marquis reagent has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in the fridge, after this time it will give very slow and sometimes incorrect colour changes. After removing from the fridge make sure you let the reagent warm up and dry off before opening the lid. All our reagents are shipped in high quality glass bottles to reduce degradation from light, moisture and reactions with plastics which will shorten shelf lives.

Please note that this product is a matrix-bound test, not a liquid.

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