Stealth Packaging (Remove instructions from box)

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If you select this option we will remove the paper instructions from your pack.

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If you select this option we will remove the instructions.

Normally we ship a reaction guide with every order. This lists the names of a range of common drugs and gives their expected colours.

By selecting this item we will ensure that there is no mention of drugs outside OR inside the package. The bottles will have their standard label but this does not have any drug names on it, only the reagent names and relevant chemical warning symbols.

Please note that our standard shipping is extremely discreet anyway, with nothing on the outside except the address. Reagent test packs fit through a standard 50mm letterbox easily.

If you select this item it is CRITICAL that you download the instructions from our site which warn about handling and using reagents safely. You’ll have this emailed to you after ordering and can also access it within your account.