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Dangerous pink Tesla 2C-B tablets containing DOC instead

The Trimbos Institute in The Netherlands have issued a Red Alert about a batch of pink tesla pills. The pills were sold as containing a psychedelic drug called 2C-B. Instead, these pills contain DOC.

DOC has a duration of 24 hours and the pills contain a very high dose of this drug. The effects take 2-3 hours to kick in, so if a person took more because they “were not working” then the effects would be very dangerous.

  • DOC causes long (24h) trips.
  • One pill from this batch is a large dose, so the trip would be intense and overwhelming.
  • It can take 2-3 hours to notice the effects
  • Some people have already been hospitalised by these tablets
  • If you take these tablets and experience intense negative effects then you can call for medical attention.

We consider this to be good advice because of the strength of the dose in the tablets. Trimbos issue 1-2 red alerts per year. This is an extremely serious alert and should be spread very widely because the risk is very high.

Tesla tablets are a popular design that have been in circulation since around 2014. They normally contain the drug MDMA (sometimes called “ecstasy” when in tablet form). Since it is easy to make a tablet it is possible for a producer to put any drug in these, and we have seen this in the past.

DOC in tablets is easy to detect using the mecke reagent. MDMA turns blue/black. 2C-B turns yellow. DOC turns green/brown.

The easiest way to prevent risk from drugs is not to take them, but if you do take them then testing is the fast way to avoid situations like this.

Some people do take DOC on purpose – it is a strong psychedelic drug. The dose needs to be controlled carefully and there needs to be enough time for the experience (24 hours).