Ehrlich Reagent Test (40 uses)

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The ehrlich reagent is the most popular test for LSD. It turns bright purple when an indole-containing compound, such as LSD is present.
It will not change colour when exposed to compounds from the NBOMe, DOx and mescaline families.

To use, expose the test to a tiny piece of blotter paper or tab.

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The ehrlich reagent is used to test for the presence of indoles. The indole group is found in tryptamines and ergoloids like LSD, 4-AcO-DMT and ETH-LAD.

To use, cut off a small piece of blotter or use a scraping of pill or powder and drop the reagent onto it. A positive result will give a purple or pink reaction. NBOMes and DOx compounds may be sold on “fake” blotters and have much higher risks. These “fake” blotter compounds do not give a colour change with the ehrlich reagent. It is necessary to test with another reagent to be sure that these other compounds are not present in addition to something like LSD that would give a positive reaction with the ehrlich reagent. The MDMA and psychedelics testing multipack contains the froehde and marquis reagent which are necessary for this full screening of suspected LSD. 

This bottle gives approximately 40 tests.

We sell the improved ehrlich reagent which uses phosphoric acid to extend the shelf life and improve result consistency as well as using amber glass bottles to prevent against reactions with plastic, light and moisture. This test should be stored in a fridge, where it will last around 24 months. If you can’t store reagents in the fridge then keep them in a cool, dark place.

Please see our blog post for information on 1P-LSD testing – 1P itself doesn’t change but the reagent causes slow breakdown to LSD, which does change. It is essential to test with another reagent in this case to check for the presence of DOC or 25I-NBOMe.

Please note that this product is a matrix-bound test, not a liquid.

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