Liebermann Reagent test (2 mL)

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Our single reagents are intended for experienced testers who are complementing reagents they already own.

Testing with only one reagent allows a high chance of two substances giving a similar result.


The liebermann reagent is ideal as a secondary test for making positive IDs.

It is able to test for a vast number of compounds including MDMA/ecstasy, mescaline, heroin, 2C-B, MDA and many others – check out our testing page for more information. It can also detect dangerous PMA and PMMA.

It should be stored in a fridge for optimum shelf life and has a life of around 6 months. At room temperature the shelf life is under 2 months.

2 mL will give approximately 35 drops. One drop is required to perform one test.

As with all reagent tests, this reagent contains strong acid and should be handled with care.

The Liebermann reagent contains under 4% sodium nitrite by mass and has an estimated toxicity of 4 g/kg orally in rats as a result. It must obviously NOT be eaten. It does not burn cellulose spontaneously and is not considered oxidising as a result.

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