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Mexedrone Reagent Test Kit results

Mexedrone is the only cathinone currently sold legally in the UK. It strays significantly from the traditional structure by having an ether group in the alpha position, which makes it legal and brings the dose to be the same as mephedrone. It is still a stimulant drug, and does seem to have collected some limited popularity among enthusiasts.

It takes the form of some quite attractive white/colourless crystals.

The reagent test kit results are as follows, with the marquis test first, showing fizzing but no colour change.

Mexedrone Marquis colourless

The froehde reagent test gives the same reaction with mexedrone – no colour change.

Mexedrone Froehde reagent colourless

Yet again the liebermann reagent pulls through, giving a bright yellow/orange reaction.

Mexedrone Liebermann yellow orange

Mexedrone results Colour
Marquis test No colour change
Froehde No colour change
Liebermann Orange/yellow